Laser Tag

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Mobile Laser Tag is an outdoor team sport similar to paintball minus the bruises and expensive paintballs. New technology allows our laser tag guns to be used outdoors and during the day. Laser tag guns shoot further than paintball, are not affected by wind and are more accurate. Since there is no paint, there is no mess to clean up. Players shoot an invisible infrared beam and each game has realistic light and sound effects. The sensors worn by players detect when they have been hit and whose “lives” are taken. There are no age restrictions for this safe and fun game!

Wargames2u is mobile. We come to you and will set up an outdoor arena where you and your group can play. Since Wargames2u programs are portable, we can travel virtually anywhere. Whether your party is at the beach, the park, rented room or front yard, we can accommodate. You can choose a simple, yet fun event, or a more challenging live action role play game based on the interests of your group.

Wargames2  laser tag includes:
12 laser guns
2 game coach 

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